July 20

Quarantine in Korea, Day 11 Diary: The protesters’ tent falls apart

Quarantine in Korea, Day 11 Diary: The protesters’ tent falls apart

By now, I have become pretty comfortable with life in quarantine. But quarantine ends in 3 days! What will I do when I get out?!

(I’ve been making plans to gorge myself on Korean bbq and fried chicken with friends, so I won’t be too hurt.)

As this quarantine has gone by, I have amassed a huge collection of bottled water. Currently, I have 22 full or half full bottles of water around the room and a few empty bottles. The reason is that they give a bottle of water with almost every meal.

Now I hear on the in-room speaker an announcement that we should drink or dump out our water before we go. Well, I don’t think I’ll be able to drink all 22 bottles in 3 days, nor will I be taking 20 bottles in my luggage, so I’ll have something to do the afternoon of Wednesday, July 22.

While my collection of water has been increasing, the protesters’ tent outside my window has rapidly been falling apart.

First, the police appeared to direct them to remove a banner including a slogan critical of the government’s quarantine policy.

This morning, in the face of heavy rain and wind, the ties attaching the cloth walls of the tent to the poles came undone, and the poles began to tilt. Now there is a gaping hole in the tent, and the sound equipment on the inside is clearly visible.

Then the protesters dismantled the tent entirely and removed it!

I filled out a questionnaire today about my preferences for departing this facility. I will be taking their shuttle bus to their nearby subway station.

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