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Quarantine in Korea, Day 5 Diary: Day in the life

Quarantine in Korea, Day 5 Diary: Day in the life

Time passes here in my quarantine hotel on Yeongjong Island off the coast of Incheon in Korea. It just passes.

We get meals three times a day: breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 12 noon, and dinner at 6 pm. The staff drops the meal off outside the door, knocks, rings the doorbell, and leaves.

The meals come in a plastic container and include a few snacks besides the main meal. (Fans of Korean snacks would be happy to receive Choco Pies every day at lunch.) As I wrote on Reddit, when describing the composition of the food, usually it consists of “a protein dish, rice, a salad, kim chi, pickles, and a few bites of fruit, accompanied with snacks, ramen, and juice.”

A few of the lunches and dinners.

I wake up slowly and watch some TV before getting out of bed. I am following the strategy of immersion and filling my brain with content in order to improve my Korean.

Yesterday, I played RISK online with friends in the U.S. and Korea. Other days, I’ll chat with people on mobile. Then I spend most of the day writing and filming or editing videos.

Which brings me to my latest video. For a closer look at a day in the life, watch my diary from day 4 to see a tour of my room, breakfast, and making instant Korean spicy ramen in the old dinner plate!

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