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South Korea: An unexpected great place for beach travel

South Korea: An unexpected great place for beach travel

When you think of beach travel and Asia, countries in Southeast Asia, like Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines come to mind. South Korea might not be the first country to come to mind.

But South Korea has beautiful beaches along both coasts, with affordable lodgings, and activities like surfing have become more popular in the past ten years.

Currently I am working out of Gangreung city on Korea’s east coast, staying at a motel right across from Gyeongpo Beach (motel review), with rooms for US$55-$65 per night.

Last week, I took a 5 hour boat out to an island on the west coast. Baengnyeong-do is, in fact, the furthest west territory in South Korea and also as far as the top of the 38th parallel. It’s only 8 miles off the coast of North Korea. And it has beautiful beaches, too.

The beaches on the east might be better than the beaches on the west in general. Gangwon province, the northeasternmost province has a particularly nice stretch of beaches around the Yangyang County area.

Yangyang County is also an area with a high concentration of surfing. (I will have a video about surfing coming out later on my Korean-English channel. Subscribe now to get it when it comes out!)

Jeju Island in the south of Korea is also one of the most beautiful areas, and it has many tourism accommodations. Taean Beach is one of the best in the west. But don’t keep your horizons too limited!

More Videos of Me on the Coast

A taiphoon came through two nights ago. Thankfully, there was almost no damage here in Gangreung and only one fatality nationwide.

My search for a motel on Baengnyeong-do:

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