February 18

Three Generations Celebrating Spring Festival


Three Generations Celebrating Spring Festival

“Spring Festival was different when I was young. It was the only time we could eat this well. I remember waiting in line to buy the tofu we just ate, because it was such a luxury.”

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“There wasn’t any tofu. That was egg.”

“I thought it was tofu, too.”

“When my parents were children, they were hungry most of their days. They would start preparing for Spring Festival one month in advance. … Now my children are being raised in McDonald’s and KFC.”

“I remember when the first KFC opened in People’s Square in 1992. People waited hours for a 10 RMB burger.”

“That wasn’t the first one. They opened their first one in Xujiahui.*”

“When did McDonald’s open?”

“They had stores in Shenzhen and Beijing.”

“KFC’s food is more suited to Chinese tastes. They have youtiao for breakfast.”

*According to CNN Travel, the first KFC in Shanghai opened in 1989. The first KFC opened in China in 1987.

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