October 3

Analyzing The Aftermath Of The Ukraine War


Analyzing The Aftermath Of The Ukraine War

Ukraine is negotiating a cease fire after covert Russian troops pushed back Ukraine’s advances on rebels. The war apparently ends with Russia having taken Crimea and having turned eastern Ukraine into an ungovernable region.

Was this Russia’s goal? Does Russia spell trouble for other Eastern European countries?

Find out as journalist Mitchell Blatt and International Relations scholar Sumantra Maitra, who specializes in Russian Foreign Policy, discuss.

Also, read their recent op-ed on the matter at:
Ukraine: The End of History is Still a Long Way Away


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About the Author

Mitchell Blatt is a travel writer, editor, and vlogger who has covered coronavirus in China, the impeachment of Park Geun-hye in Korea, and the Occupy Central protests in Hong Kong, among other things. He has been published in the South China Morning Post, USA Today, the Korea Times, The National Interest, The Daily Beast, and many other newspapers and websites. He blogs about his travels at AsitaTravelWriter.com. *********************************************************************************** Follow him on Facebook: Facebook - Mitchell Blatt, Asia Travel Writer************* Follow him on Twitter: Twitter - @MitchBlatt*************************************** Follow him on Instagram: Instagram - @MitchBlatt********************************** Subscribe to his videos on YouTube: Mitchell Blatt, Asia Travel Writer (English)************* YouTube - Mitchell Blatt (English - General topics)**** YouTube - 한국문화를 좋아하는 Mitchell 헨리 Blatt (Korean)

Mitchell Blatt

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